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A treasure yet to be discovered

We want to keep Dordrecht as a secret and special. Knowing this secret creates a connection between people. You have to discover it on your own, everyone discovers a different, a personal Dordrecht.


Incomplete tourist guide

Existing tourist guides already show a lot of images and you feel almost as if you’ve already been there. Our incomplete city book has missing parts so you have to come to Dordrecht in order to complete your own book. You have to take the missing pictures yourself. The pictures already in the book have been taken by citizens of Dordrecht who participated in a photo competition.


Corporate Identity Dordrecht has to be advertised, but we want to keep it a little bit secret. That’s
why we scrambled around the letters in the word Dordrecht, so that you still can
read it, but you have to solve it a bit. We also used an existing logo of Dordrecht,
but we cut it apart, so that not everything is visible at once. In the future this logo
can work as a symbol for Dordrecht, so we can keep the name “Dordrecht” a

The legends of the Biesbosch We invented legends about Dordrecht and the Biesbosch, which are told on
spot. The legends are mysterious, easy to understand and humorous, with a
true historical core. These stories are gathered in a book which is illustrated by
children from Dordrecht.

Hidden museum
Artist Niek Kemps suggested to establish a hidden museum in Dordrecht. The
only publicity for the museum works mouth to mouth. As an entrance ticket we
want to hide a key for example in a cookie which you get in a certain cafe.

Concept & ideas by
Katharina Ludwig
Sayaka Yamamoto
Yuya Ushida
Florian Kräutli


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