Research & Design of a leading concept for Wielwijk, an area in Dordrecht-West. Final results are exhibited in Wielwijk and CBK Dordrecht.



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Introduction Wielwijk

At the invitation of the municipality of Dordrecht (Programma Impuls), students of Design Academy Eindhoven have for the second time developed thoughts and ideas for the benefit of the city of Dordrecht. The students translated last year’s theme, ‘Dordrecht City of Water’, into eleven different proposals, each of which constituted a contribution to a coherent vision of the positioning of Dordrecht. This year, the full focus was on the urban district Wielwijk.
The students were asked to come up with proposals that should give Wielwijk a clear and recognisable profile. This time, the target area and focus of attention is not a whole city but a specific district in a state of flux. The assignment seems simple enough, as it doesn’t involve the entire city but just a particular urban area.

‘Branding’ a district is a novelty. Students of Design Academy Eindhoven have to search for the soul of the district, and rise to the challenge of unravelling Wielwijk’s DNA. Only then will it be possible to develop views and visions that characterise Wielwijk and fit in with the perception of the most important and most critical stakeholders in the district: the residents.
Programma Impuls has invited Design Academy Eindhoven with the aim of nd practicable ideas for the city. Up-and-coming professionals such as the students in Design Academy Eindhoven, who are not closely involved in the municipal issues, and are not hindered by policy principles, problems, or political preferences, can with their knowledge and expertise contribute to breaking down prevailing patterns of thought, and provide fresh impetus to existing ideas and policy lines.

The nine presentations of the third-year students of the direction Market in Design Academy Eindhoven are the result of a process of looking, questioning, writing, thinking, rejecting, and discussing. They are the visible end results of a process that should be a source of inspiration to all those who are closely involved in the (development of) district.

Karel Willems
Gemeente Dordrecht Programme Impuls

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